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About Lesmurdie Senior High School

About Lesmurdie Senior High School

Lesmurdie Senior High School is an Independent Public School situated in a hills residential area in the City of Kalamunda, Western Australia. The school was established in 1981 and has had an active School Council composed of community, parents, students and staff from inception. The school has a strong pastoral care tradition. The provision of a respectful, caring and nurturing environment in which students can realise their potential is a priority. The school fosters excellence in all areas and conducts quality programs across the curriculum.

Lesmurdie Senior High School enjoys a reputation within the education community for its very experienced, enthusiastic and innovative staff.

This is reflected in the school continuing to build on its long history of exemplary performance in a wide range of curricular and extra curricular activities.

Set among natural bushland on the fringe of a residential area, the architecturally designed buildings evoke a sense of peace and space with a distinctly Australian flavour. Well maintained and technologically well equipped, the physical environment enables students and teachers to readily focus on education and the reaching of one’s full potential.

Lesmurdie Senior High School is a full uniform school.


This school operates in the belief that it upholds and promotes personal, academic and social excellence amongst both students and staff and discourages those influences that would work against the attainment of these standards. Consequently, the ethical, moral and academic values that the school accepts for itself are to be the highest possible to equip both students and teachers to cope with the expectations of society.

The major aim of this school is to create an environment in which the student learns to become a useful citizen by being responsible for his or her behaviour.
A school based on:

  • high standards
  • academic excellence
  • community
  • loyalty

The Lesmurdie Senior High School Emblem

LesmurdieLogoMASTER_SML_HighResThe emblem depicts a Dasyurus Geoffroii  (a western native cat or Chuditch) on branches of a Eucalyptus marginata (Jarrah) tree. Both are indigenous to the locality, the former being in danger of extinction.
The use of local fauna and flora is consistent with the school’s stated intention to promote conservation of the environment. At an act of dedication on 18th September 1980, trees were planted on the site by students designate. The occasion was honoured by the presence of the late Dr Richard St Barbe Barker world leader and founder of ‘Men of Trees’.

Some of the characteristics of the western native cat – its tenacity, intelligence and agility – make it particularly suitable as a school emblem.

The Eucalyptus marginata is Western Australia’s most famous tree.

Some of the earliest jarrah came from Mason’s Mill in the Lesmurdie area, the cut timber being hauled down to Mason’s Landing on the Canning River from where it floated on barges downstream to the main settlement.
The combination of Dasyurus geoffroii and Eucalyptus marginata links Lesmurdie Senior High School both environmentally and historically to the district in which it is located.