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Lesmurdie Senior High School ensures a safe and nurturing environment for our students. To ensure that all students maintain a level of good behaviour Lesmurdie Senior High School implements the following policies with in the school.

Good Standing


Bushfire Plan – Summary

Lesmurdie SHS is one of only a few schools in the Perth Metro area to be included on the Bushfire Zone register. This requires us to develop a bushfire plan in consultation with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

We will only enact our Plan once we have received a command from DFES. Our Bushfire Plan requires us all to move to a safe and protected area within the school once a signal is given. Our safe area is the school gym. As we are evacuating our normal classrooms and moving into the gym we have called this exercise an Invacuation.

An Invacuation will only occur if DFES deem a threat has arisen without sufficient time to close the school.

As part of this plan DFES conducts yearly fuel load reduction assessments to lessen the impact of a bushfire in and around our buffer zone.

Once a command is given from DFES we are under the control of emergency services and no access to the school will be allowed until the emergency is over. DFES will conduct road closures and detours, only allowing access with their vehicles.

If you require further information on the Lesmurdie SHS Bushfire Plan please contact Deputy Principal Leo Surjan on 9291 1200.


Acceptable Use of the Computer Network and Online Services

Personal Electronic Devices

Personal Electronic Devices Policy

School Uniform

School Uniform Policy Jan 2018

Student Vehicle Use

Student Vehicle Use Policy