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Good Standing Overview

Good Standing Overview

It is essential to clearly state the standard of performance necessary for students to succeed and enter the post-school destination of their choice.  These standards must be clearly and regularly communicated to students so that they know and understand what is expected from them in terms of their school performance.

Post-school destinations, such as universities and TAFE, clearly articulate the standards of performance required to enter their respective institutions.  Similarly, the Schools Curriculum and Standard Authority (SCASA) clearly describes the standard of performance necessary to be awarded a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) – commonly known as graduation.

Further, teachers at Lesmurdie Senior High School clearly communicate the standards required to successfully achieve the requirements of each course of study.  They do this by providing students with syllabus documents, which clearly describe what students must know and understand.  Teachers also provide students with assessment programmes that describe how and when teachers will make judgements about student performance.  When teachers assess student performance, they provide a clear outline of what is required on a particular assessment, what will be assessed and when this will occur.  Teachers also provide information about other matters that may affect student performance, such as the level of attendance required to succeed and the types of conduct which will support student success within a course of study.

It is the role of the Good Standing policy, within the context of Lesmurdie Senior High School, to clearly set and coordinate a standard of student performance across the school programme.  The school performance standards relate to the level of student performance needed to achieve a WACE and to have a high chance of successfully entering a post-school destination of choice.

This policy outlines the school standards for Academic Performance, Attendance, Commitment and Conduct that are considered necessary to meet the requirements of Lesmurdie Senior High School, the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and the various post-school destinations.  This policy provides an overall standard against which all student performance will be assessed.

The degree to which each student achieves the standards will help determine their ‘standing’ for a semester. Students will be identified as falling into one of three groups relating to achievement against each of the standards set.  The three performance groups are:

  • Advanced Standing.
  • Good Standing.
  • Conditional Standing.