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School Uniform Policy

School Uniform Policy

School Uniform Policy
Wearing the school uniform plays an important part in establishing a positive community identity and contributes to the creation of an appropriate work ethic. The benefits of a dress code include:
• Promoting safety of students through easier identification;
• Keeping costs of clothing within reasonable limits for parents;
• Assisting students to learn the importance of appropriate presentation.
Acceptance of enrolment at Lesmurdie Senior High School assumes an agreement between the parent/guardian and the enrolling student that the student will dress in accordance with the school’s uniform policy. Every student is expected to comply with the School Uniform Policy.
The school uniform has been developed in consultation with the School Board and other members of the School Community.
Students are to wear the designated uniform during school hours, to and from school and while attending school excursions. Parents/guardians are asked to cooperate by ensuring that students wear their uniform to school each day. Students are required to change into the relevant uniform when participating in sport, dance or physical education classes, training sessions or competitions. Students who have Period 1 Physical Education or Dance classes MUST arrive in school uniform and then change at the start of Period 1. For Period 5 classes, students must change after lunch and then change back into school uniform at the end of the lesson.
It is the expectation that students will be dressed in uniforms that are neat and tidy at all times. Students should ascertain their clothing needs for any particular day and make the necessary arrangements. Where a student is unable to wear school uniform they should see the Deputy Principal before school to arrange to borrow a uniform.

Uniform Shop
The Uniform Shop is open from 8.15am to 10.00am every Tuesday morning during the term.

Consequences of Breaching the School Uniform Policy
• When a student is out of uniform, they will be asked to report to the relevant Year Deputy to change or remove the non uniform item, or have a parent/guardian contacted to deliver appropriate uniform items.
• The student can pick up the item at the end of the day. The name of the student will be recorded in case there are further breaches of this policy. Where a student out of school uniform refuses to remove and/or change uniform item/s the Deputy Principal, or delegate, will then determine the next steps to follow.
• A second breach of the School Uniform Policy will result in the non-uniform item being confiscated and stored as above and the student will be given a lunch detention.
• Repeated breaches of the School Uniform Policy will result in the same process as the second breach and parents may be contacted to collect the non-uniform item from the school.

School Uniform Requirements:
• Lesmurdie SHS supplied shirts (long or short sleeved) with school logo
Year 7 – 9 Green
Year 10 -12 White
• School shirts MUST be worn under school jumpers/jackets
• Special Event T Shirts sanctioned by Senior Management may be worn two weeks prior to the event and one week after the event
• Only school supplied skirts with school logo
• Only school supplied shorts or long pants with school logo
• Lesmurdie SHS supplied jumpers/jackets with school logo
• Current Leavers Jacket for Year 12 students only
Socks & Stockings
• Plain socks
• Plain black stockings or tights (no leggings) worn with tartan/black skirts
• Closed in sneakers or school shoes
Caps, Hats, Beanies & Scarves
• Scarves should be plain black or school green
• School supplied scarves are available
• Plain caps, hats, beanie in yard only
• Jewellery should be kept to a minimum
• Hair should be neat and tidy and tied safely out of the way for practical subjects
• Minimal makeup in natural tones
• Students may be asked to remove and/or cover a piercing where they are deemed a safety hazard
Note: alterations to school uniform must be pre-approved by the Principal

Clothing for Formal Occasions
The school has purchased a number of school blazers for students to borrow when representing the school at official functions.
When required to wear the school blazer students are expected to wear the following:
• Black dress pants
• White dress shirt
• School tie (supplied)
• Black socks
• Black dress shoes (no casual shoes)
• Black dress pants or tartan skirt
• White dress shirt
• School tie (supplied)
• Black or white socks or
• Black or natural stockings
• Black dress shoes (no casual shoes)

Clothing for Physical Activity
It is school policy that students undertaking physical education or dance change into appropriate items at the beginning of the associated lesson. Students MUST immediately change back into their school uniform at the completion of the associated lesson, including the last period of the day.

Boys and Girls Physical Education
• School supplied sport shorts only
• Black track pants
• School supplied House shirt
• Long hair tied up
• Sport sneakers with laces tied up. No skate shoes or slip on shoes
• Hat
• Drink bottle
• Roll-on deodorant
• Towel
• Sunscreen
• Long hair tied up