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When enrolling your child it is important to note that Lesmurdie SHS is a local intake area school with set boundaries defining our intake area. If your usual place of residence is within that area, your children are automatically accepted into our school. However, in the event that an enrolled student moves to a place of residence outside the school’s intake area, that enrolment may come under increased scrutiny.

Attendance at one of our five local intake primary schools does not guarantee a place at our school as the local intake area boundaries for primary schools do not generally coincide with ours. Some primary schools may even have out of area enrolments. The only guaranteed place at Lesmurdie SHS is if you reside within the local intake area. These boundaries along with application guidelines can be found below.

Intake Area Maps

Enrolment Forms


Application for enrolment form 2020

Application for enrolment form 2020 Year 7