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Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management


Lesmurdie Senior High School provides a safe, supportive and positive learning environment which offers opportunities for all students to achieve to their potential in all aspects of their education.

The Student Code of Conduct, which has been developed with the support of the Student Council, and the school’s Respect Policy underpin the management of student behaviour at Lesmurdie Senior High School.

At all stages in the behaviour management process students and teachers are encouraged to engage in positive dialogue with a view to resolving the issue/s and re-engaging the student in the learning process.

Communication is integral to the Student Behaviour Management process.  This includes communication within the school between key personnel as well as with parents/guardians/caregivers.  The following communication tools are used to ensure that all relevant members of the school community are adequately informed:

  • Behaviour Agreements – Students are withdrawn from class and required to negotiate their return to class with the class teacher, thus re-establishing a very clear understanding of the behaviours they are expected to demonstrate in the classroom on a daily basis.
  • Student Info Sheets – Commendation Letter and/or Notice of Behaviour Incident letter generated and posted home to parent/guardian/caregiver.


Serious Breaches of Discipline

Students may be suspended for serious disobedience, misconduct, or conduct prejudicial to the good order and management of the school.

Suspension can be an effective behaviour management strategy when it is reserved for serious or persistent breaches of discipline. Suspension removes the student from the school environment, reduces the opportunity for reinforcement of their behaviour and provides a period of respite between the incident and the resolution process.  The processes for imposing suspension are the same for all students.  Suspension provides an opportunity for the student, parents/guardians/caregivers, and school staff to reflect on the incident and behaviour enabling a considered, positive resolution and re-entry plan.

When a student is suspended from school the student loses all privileges associated with attending school. The student is not permitted to come onto school grounds or into any area normally used by the school. While on suspension the student is under parental control and required to do school-related work.  The student will not be accepted back into classes until the student and a parent have met with the relevant Deputy Principal.

Students who have been suspended from school may not be permitted to attend any extra-curricular event.