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1:1 Computer Program

1:1 Computer Program

The Program

The 1:1 computer program initiated by the Federal and State Governments provides funding to schools to purchase computers for students to engage in the school’s learning programs. It is expected that these school owned MacBooks will be used by students for educational purposes and in accordance with school policies and rules – including those detailed in this booklet.

Device Supplied to Students

An Apple MacBook white with 13.3-inch display, 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2Gb RAM and 250Gb HDD

Software includes: iLife, iWorks, Microsoft Office, Adobe CS4, McAfee Anti Virus as well as a suite of productivity programs most suitable for students.

Only school supplied MacBooks are allowed to be used in the school. Privately owned computers – notebooks or netbooks are not permitted in the school.

To ensure that the MacBook is used effectively and appropriately in a school environment and because this is a new initiative, school policies and rules specific to the use of the MacBook may change over time.

Students are not automatically entitled to a MacBook in this program. MacBooks not allocated to students will join the fleet of school based computers.

A carry bag must be purchased by the student’s parent/guardian to protect and transport the MacBook.

The school will purchase the carry bag from Winthrop Australia on your behalf at a discounted price if you make payment when submitting the Acceptance-Agreement form.

The recommended carry bag is a Targus Dual Purpose 13.3″ Hardsided slipcase

The MacBook will not be issued to a student if the carry bag has not been purchased or the carry bag is not available at the time of allocation of the MacBook.

The carry bag is the property of the student.

To participate in the program you must:

  1. Complete, sign and return the Acceptance – Agreement Form by the date indicated on the form otherwise the student may miss out on receiving a MacBook.

Purchase the recommended carry bag for the MacBook by completing payment details on the enclosed payment envelope.

Expectations at School

While at school, students are expected to:

  • Use the MacBook in a responsible manner adhering to the Acceptable Use Policy .
  • Comply with “in use or not in use” instructions from teachers. Teachers will decide when students use the MacBook in class.
  • Take care of the MacBook to prevent physical damage.
  • Do not mark, scratch or place stickers on any part of the MacBook
  • Keep liquids away from the MacBook.
  • Bring the MacBook in its protective carry bag to school each day, charged and ready for use. Do not bring the charger to school.
  • Use the MacBook for educational purposes in line with the school’s learning programs.
  • Do not leave the MacBook unattended

Expectations at Home (Students)

Note: How the MacBook is used at home will affect an insurance claim if the device is damaged or lost. Please read section on Insurance.

While at home, students are expected to:

  • Ensure the MacBook is fully charged at home ready for use at school
  • Take the MacBook to school each day
  • Use the MacBook to organise, review and complete homework and connect to the school’s online resources and learning programs.
  • Not use or load any unauthorised programs or software.
  • Take personal responsibility of the MacBook by not allowing others to use it.

Expectations at Home (Parents/Guardians)

Note: How the MacBook is used at home will affect an insurance claim if the device is damaged or lost. Please read section on Insurance.

While at home, parents/guardians are expected to:

  • Restrict the use of the MacBook if you feel that the MacBook is not being used properly. The MacBook is supplied for educational purposes for use at home.
  • Be aware of what your child is accessing on the MacBook
  • Contact the school’s ICT department if you wish to discuss issues relating to your child’s use or misuse of the MacBook
  • Take personal responsibility to ensure the MacBook is not abused or misused at home.

Return of the MacBook

Although students have the privilege to use the MacBook at home, the MacBook is school property and must be returned, in good working order, clean and undamaged, to the school on demand.

Circumstances when the MacBook must be returned to the school include:

  • At the end of a student’s exit year (e.g. Year 12 students).
  • Student leaving the school.
  • Misuse of the MacBook.
  • At the discretion of the school’s administration and ICT Services
  • Non compliance of the expectations and acceptable use as stated in this booklet.


Software preloaded on the MacBook is licensed to the Department of Education and Lesmurdie Senior High School and must not be copied or transferred to another computer.

Healing Station

A “healing station” will be setup to allow students to re-image the MacBook if the need arises. This process deletes all content on the MacBook and because of this it is recommended that an external hard disk drive is purchased to backup content.


  • Students will be made aware of the safe and responsible use of the Internet and social networking sites.
  • The school will maintain filtering, monitoring and logging systems recording all activity and content accessed by students at school.

Acceptable Use Policy

Students must not use the school supplied MacBook to:

  • Transmit any material in violation of any local, state or federal laws.
  • Use profanity, obscenity or any other language that may be offensive to another student, teacher, member of the community, company or institution.
  • Engage in cyberbullying.
  • Commit any form of vandalism to or with the supplied MacBook.
  • Copy and downloading and sharing of commercial software or other media (e.g. music, video, movies) in violation of Federal copyright laws.
  • Conduct commercial trade with the MacBook.
  • Engage in online gambling .
  • Participate in illegal activities such as hacking or spamming.
  • Access pornographic or obscene content or networks.
  • Create and / or introduce electronic viruses or malware.
  • Bypass network security and monitoring systems using any means both physical (wireless devices), software manipulation and Internet sites promoting proxies and tunnelling.
  • Hack or jailbreak the MacBook
  • Play games during class time or registration time

Students in the program must not use another student’s MacBook without their consent.

Sanctions and consequences apply – including permanent exclusion from the program – for non compliance.

See “Sanctions & Consequences” below.

Social Networking and Gaming in Class

Students are not permitted to play games or connect to social networking sites in class. See “Sanctions & Consequences”.

Sanctions & Consequences

Sanctions and consequences for misuse apply including:

  1. First instance. MacBook confiscated by the teacher for remainder of the class. MacBook returned to student at end of class. Computer Misuse Note Level 7 to Student Services and ICT Services.
  2. Second Instance. MacBook confiscated and returned to ICT Services, re-imaged with restrictive access applied. Parents / guardian contacted. Computer Misuse Note Level 2 to Student Services and ICT Services.
  3. Third Instance. MacBook confiscated permanently. Student excluded from the program. MacBook re-allocated or join fleet of school based computers.

If a student refuses to comply with points 1 & 2, the student may be excluded from the program and normal school consequences will apply


  • School owned assets – including the student supplied MacBook -are covered by Riskcover with some exceptions. If the MacBook is not used in the manner as required by the school and there is loss or damage to the computer, Riskcover may take action against the family to recover any loss.
  • If the loss or damage is wilful or deliberate on the part of the family, Riskcover may seek recovery as a separate action against the family.
  • If a MacBook is damaged and covered by Riskcover, it will be repaired – the SAME notebook will be returned. A new MacBook WILL NOT be supplied.
  • Riskcover requirement is that a suitable carry bag must be used to protect the MacBook.
  • Damage claims require comprehensive descriptions (time, place, date, how, when and where) of how damage occurred otherwise claims will be rejected.
  • If the MacBook is stolen, a comprehensive police report is required.
  • If a notebook is replaced, the carry bag is not automatically replaced. Students continue to use the old bag as insurance cover will not include the bag, unless it too is lost/stolen.
  • Accidental damage is covered for all authorised use and locations. However, cover may not extend for non school business, (e.g. students using notebooks on school holidays, travel etc outside of the school terms may be deemed as private use and not subject to cover if lost or damaged). Parents would have to pay for damage/loss in these circumstances.

Warranty & Support

Warranty for the MacBook is 3 years.

Support for hardware and software is available from Apple:

  • Telephone: 1 300 968 979
  • Hours of Operation:
    • 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday
    • 9am to 4pm Saturdays

Please contact ICT Services at Lesmurdie Senior High School on 9291 1244 if you have any queries or issues with hardware or software.

User Manual

A basic user manual will be supplied to the student at the time of allocation of the MacBook. This will allow students to setup the computer ready for use.

Online video tutorials are available on the Apple website

Additional Information & Contact Details

The school’s website at¬†will have a dedicated link providing relevant information about the program, discussion forum and how-to tutorials.

ICT Services: telephone 9291 1244

Glossary & Explanations

The school
Lesmurdie Senior High School
The program
Refers to the 1:1 take home model where students are allocated a school supplied MacBook computer
The device
An Apple MacBook computer
A full featured notebook style computer designed, built and supported by Apple
The family
The student and his/her parents/guardian
Refers to the loading & playing of any computer games
Social networking site
Is an online service on the Internet that focuses on building social relations among people in order to share interests, activities and post information. Unfortunately these sites can be used by cyber bullies, identity thieves and sex predators.Popular sites are FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ & MySpace.
In use or not in use
Refers to a teacher’s instruction to students for the MacBook to be in use during the lesson or not in use during the lesson.By closing the lid, the device is deemed to be not in use. Not complying with this instruction may result in sanctions being applied.
Involves the use of information technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour by an individual or group that is intended to harm others.
Gaining access to a file, device or network illegally or without authorisation or in a manner not intended by the manufacturer – Apple.
Sending of unsolicited email, indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals or newsgroups
Malicious computer software that interferes with normal computer/network functions or sends personal data about the user to unauthorised parties via the Internet
Website services that act as intermediaries to access restricted sites
Breaking through a restricted network such as Lesmurdie Senior High School using another approved network to access file sharing networks which may contain material legally subject to copyright or inappropriate content.
Overriding the software restraints on the MacBook in order to install unauthorised applications not approved by the school