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1:1 Computing – F.A.Q

1:1 Computing – F.A.Q

I have a notebook computer already – can I use it at school instead of a MacBook?

No. Only school supplied computers are allowed to connect to the school’s network. Any computer brought to the school other than a school supplied computer may be confiscated.

I have a carry bag already, why can’t I use it?

Insurance requirements demand that the correct carry bag be used to protect the MacBook. The correct carry bag is purchased by the school from the supplier of the MacBooks – Winthrop Australia.

Can I wait until 2012 to purchase the carry bag?

Yes. However, the correct carry bag must be purchased and available at the time of distribution of the MacBooks in the first few weeks of Term 1, 2012. It is important to return the Acceptance-Agreement form by the date indicated on the form otherwise the student may miss out on receiving a MacBook.

Can I personalise the MacBook with stickers?

No. The MacBook is school property and must be kept in good working order, clean and unmarked. The carry bag is student property and may be personalised with stickers etc as long as they are not offensive.

Why can’t I take the charger to school?

Battery life is quite adequate for the school day so there is no need for the charger to be at school. Also, there are issues with connecting to power points at the school.

Should I backup my work on the MacBook?

Things do go wrong with computers so it is wise to have a backup strategy to preserve important data. The school will not backup data on the MacBook. Also, on return of the MacBook, the contents will be erased, so a backup is required if you wish to keep data stored on the MacBook.

I like the Windows PC – why do we have an Apple MacBook?

For various reasons relating to how the school network functions and the requirements of the Department of Education, the MacBook was the best solution. Also, it is an advantage for students to use another computer platform to accomplish similar tasks done on a Windows PC.