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Senior School

Senior School

Year 10 Subject Information

At Lesmurdie Senior High School students in Year 10 will study year-long subjects in the 8 Learning Areas and will be placed into the compulsory subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities & Social Sciences (HaSS) and Health.  For The Arts, Technologies, Physical Education and Language (Italian) Learning Areas, students will be given greater choices to support their developing specialist interests and career directions.  The Year 10 Course is structured as follows:

Learning Area Subjects Period Allocation
English 4
Mathematics 4
Science 4
Humanities & Social Sciences (HaSS) 4
Health Education 1
Physical Education choice 2
Choice of THREE options from The Arts, Technologies, Physical Education and Italian 3×2
TOTAL 25 periods per week


Subject Outlines 

Year 10 Health and Physical Education 2023

Year 10 Languages 2023

Year 10 Technologies 2023

Year 10 The ARTS 2023

Year 11 and 12 Overview

All students who are in their 11th or 12th year of schooling must be involved in either:

  • education at school OR
  • other training (e.g. TAFE, traineeship or apprenticeship)
  • worthwhile full time employment.

This means that most Year 10 students return to school. Any student who does not wish to return to school will need to seek exemption by completing an EXEMPTION FORM.

Students may choose to complete a program in Years 11 and 12 that leads to employment, a traineeship or apprenticeship, TAFE or University.

Which courses do I choose?

The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) Course structure contains various Courses in each Learning Area.

The principle of the WACE Course structure is that General courses are less complex in content and concepts than ATAR courses.

It should be noted that students must choose six (6) Courses to study from any number of Learning Areas. All students in Senior School must study four (4) units of English across the normal two years of Years 11 and 12  in order to meet requirements to achieve WACE, commonly known as graduation. At Lesmurdie Senior High School, students must complete a pair of English Units in Year 11 and a pair of English Units in Year 12. It is also strongly advised that all students choose to study WACE Courses in Mathematics.

You must choose six (6) Courses which you are likely to study for two (2) years:

One course must be English.
General English (VET- Vocational Education and Training students/TAFE bound students).
ATAR English  (University/TAFE bound students).

Students must attain Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) Reading, Writing and Numeracy standards.

Five other courses – At least one (1) Course from List A and B, must be included.

Where students choose to study less than four (4) ATAR Courses in Year 12  they are encouraged to select a Certificate II (National Training Qualification Framework).

Students intending to apply for courses at TAFE at the completion of Year 12 may be required to demonstrate competency in literacy and numeracy. For entry into competitive courses, points for entry into various TAFE courses are awarded according to the grades received in each of the WACE courses studied.

Students intending to apply for University entrance after they complete Year 12 will be required to demonstrate Competence in English, as prescribed by Universities through the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC).

Any student studying an ATAR Course during Year 12 will be required to sit an external examination conducted by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). This is a SCSA requirement for students to be credited with each of their ATAR Courses.

Failure to sit the external examination for ATAR Courses studied during the Exit Year will result in the Course not contributing to the achievement of the WACE

A Guide to Assist Students with Choosing Courses

All students will undertake career development in Year 10. Information collected and plans developed during this process should be used to guide the selection of Courses.

Talk to people that you know to find out about careers and Senior School courses. Consider discussing these with:

  1. your parents/relatives/friends
  2. class teachers
  3. Senior School Manager
  4. Senior School Coordinator
  5. VET Coordinator.

This link provides information on course pathways and benchmarks as you move from Year 10 to Year 11.

LSHS Course offerings and Benchmarks 2023-24

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