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How to Choose Your Course

How to Choose Your Course

Further Study Options

Consider your further study options. Does your career or area of vocational interest require further study or training at University or TAFE, as a part of a new Apprenticeship/traineeship or with a private training provider?

If your desired career requires University entrance, then make sure that you choose the appropriate combination of WACE Courses to meet any specific post school course prerequisites.

If your career goal requires the study of a TAFE award course then you must check the specific Selection Criteria for the relevant Course.

If no further study is required for your desired career then you will still need to check and see if any particular subjects are preferred by employers. This information can be obtained on the online Job Guide or by contacting prospective employers directly. If there are no particular subject requirements, then it would be worthwhile to choose some courses which will prove relevant to your desired career.


You must be realistic when choosing Courses. There is no point choosing Courses that are beyond your ability. As important as it is to choose Courses that will allow entry into your choice of career, you must also choose Courses in which you will have a realistic chance of success. There are a number of indicators that you can make use of in assessing how you will cope with certain Senior School Courses:

  • Your performance in Lower School is the best indicator of how you will perform in Senior School;
  • You performance in the Year 9 NAPLAN tests can be a good indicator or how you will cope with the literacy and numeracy requirements of all Senior School Courses;
  • It has been shown that there is a relationship between performance in relevant Year 7, 8, 9 and 10  courses and performance in the related Year 11 and 12 Courses; and
  • Many Year 11 and 12 courses require a certain level of background knowledge. It has been shown that students without this background struggle to achieve reasonable results.
  • Refer to the Course Offerings and Benchmark document in Senior School for details regarding Pathway benchmarks.

A Guide to Course Selection

Students should always check on the TISC website or TAFE website TAFE award course to ensure that Courses chosen for study in Senior School meet all entry requirements. The table below is provided as a guide only to support the process of choosing Courses in Senior School. The table does not show all post-school destinations and vocational areas however it does provide information about the most popular post-school aspirations at our school.

This table provides possible Courses and levels that could be studied in a student’s Exit Year program. Remember that English must be one of the Courses studied by all Senior School students at LSHS.

Inclusion of Courses in the Course Offerings and Benchmark does not guarantee that the Course will be offered at LSHS. Offering of Courses each year is based on the number of students selecting the Course and the availability of physical and teaching resources.