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Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Vocational Education and Training at Lesmurdie SHS provides Year 11 and 12 students with opportunities to maximise their Secondary Education experience and gain additional skills to perform effectively in the workplace. VET students can access VET qualifications alongside their other Courses as they study towards achieving their WACE.

VET Certificates and programs are designed to assist students to gain an industry-recognised qualification which can assist in their transition from school to work and/ or further studies at TAFE, University or other providers.

VET at Lesmurdie SHS

In 2023, Lesmurdie SHS has eight Certificates delivered at the school and a further 20+ certificate courses across a range of industries are accessed by our Y11 & Y12 students through external providers such as TAFE WA.

Please refer to the VET Handbook 2023 below for specific course information regarding each certificate.

Year 11 and 12 students may undertake VET studies by selecting:

  • A 5-Day Program consisting of a combination of SCSA Courses and VET certificate courses OR
  • 4-Day Program which consists of SCSA and VET Certificate courses, PLUS FRIDAYS at; Workplace Learning (ADWPL), TAFE OR other external provider.

*Please be aware that 4-day options are dependent on students achieving high behaviour attributes in their Year 10 report, TAFE course availability and acceptance and students finding an appropriate workplace and completing all relevant Logbooks and workplace documents.

Career Pathway Planning

All Lesmurdie students are encouraged to create a MyFuture account which is free for all school- aged students. The MyFuture resource can help students to explore occupations and how their interests and skills relate to their future career. Click on the icon below and follow the link.

The following GROW CAREERS resources are also available for students/ parents to use as a guide to supporting every student’s growth and career development.

Knowing about myself  How to Explore OccupationsChoosing School SubjectsCreate a USI
How to explore post-school courses  Resume Writing    Writing Cover Letters  Job Interviews