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P and C Information

P and C Information


Parents & Citizens’ Associations (P&Cs) are established under the School Education Act 1999 for the purpose of supporting a strong government school system for the benefit of the students. The P&C Association is a school-based organisation with a membership consisting of parents, some teachers and interested community members. All parents and caregivers are invited to join the Lesmurdie Senior High School P&C, which is one of 630 such associations in Western Australia. If you would like to join the P&C, please contact the school on 9291 1200 for further information. All meetings are held during Weeks 4 and 8 each term at 6.45pm in the Board Room on the dates listed below. Please refer to our calendar or facebook page to check for updates.

2021 AGM

Monday, 22 February 2021

2021 Meetings

(Term 2 Week 4) Monday 10 May

(Term 2 Week 9) Monday 14 June

(Term 3 Week 4) Monday 9th Aug

(Term 3 Week 8) Monday 6th September

(Term 4 Week 4) Monday 1st November

(Term 4 Week 8) Monday 29th November

2021 Office Bearers:

President: Pam Rushton

Vice President: Hannah Vallance

Secretary: Sarah Kneale

Treasurer: Lien Quach

Audit Reports

LSHS Audit Report 2018

Auditor Report 2019 P&C

P&C Meeting Minutes

LSHS P&C Minutes Meeting 15th June 2020

LSHS P&C Minutes Meeting 10th August 2020

LSHS P&C Minutes Meeting 30 November 2020

LSHS P&C Minutes AGM Meeting 22 February 2021

LSHS P&C Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 8 March 2021

LSHS P&C Minutes 22 March 2021

Minutes LSHS P&C Minutes 10 May 2021