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P and C Information

P and C Information


Parents & Citizens’ Associations (P&Cs) are established under the School Education Act 1999 for the purpose of supporting a strong government school system for the benefit of the students. The P&C Association is a school-based organisation with a membership consisting of parents, some teachers and interested community members. All parents and caregivers are invited to join the Lesmurdie Senior High School P&C, which is one of 630 such associations in Western Australia. If you would like to join the P&C, please contact the school on 9291 1200 for further information. All meetings are held during Weeks 4 and 8 each term at 6.45pm in the Board Room on the dates listed below. Please refer to our calendar or facebook page to check for updates.

2020 Meeting Dates

Monday, 7 September

Monday, 26 October

Monday, 2 November

Monday, 30 November


2020 Office Bearers:

President: Pam Rushton

Vice President: Beth Campbell

Secretary: Sarah Kneale

Treasurer: Kelly Murphy


Audit Reports

LSHS Audit Report 2018

Auditor Report 2019 P&C



P&C Meeting Minutes

AGM Minutes and Reports 17.02.2020

Minutes LSHS P&C Meeting (via zoom) 8th April 2020

LSHS P&C Extraordinary Meeting Minutes (via zoom) 22nd April 2020

LSHS P&C Executive Meeting Minutes (via zoom) 11th May 2020

LSHS P&C Minutes Meeting 18th May 2020

LSHS P&C Minutes Meeting 15th June 2020

LSHS P&C Minutes Meeting 10th August 2020