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School Board

School Board

The School Board is a legally formed body that, in partnership with the Principal, is given powers to set and monitor the key directions of the school. It is the major governing body of the school and oversees the school’s performance.

The School Board is made up of the Principal, elected community members, teachers and parents. All meetings are held at 5.15pm in the Board Room.  Meetings and times can be subject to change. Please check our school calendar to keep abreast of any changes.

Board  2020


Dr Anna Bunn

Vice Chair

Dr Jessica Henderson


Kerry Chipchase

Manager Corporate Services

Lyn Harris

Staff Representatives

Callum Millard, Amanda Pettitt

Parent Representative

Amanda McGovern and Emma Roebuck 

Community Representatives 

Chris Tung

Student Representatives

Candice Walsh, Abby Herden


Matthew Hughes MLA