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Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Policy

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Policy

ICT is an important and integral component in the school’s delivery of curriculum, communications and use of the schools information system for management, assessment and reporting. Policies and procedures have been developed to ensure effectiveness, reliability and security of the school’s ICT infrastructure.

Staff and students must only use ICT resources, including computer hardware, Internet, intranet and electronic mail for purposes that are legal, ethical and consistent with the educational values of the school and of DET. Staff and students must not deliberately access, download, store or send materials of a pornographic, racist, sexist, inflammatory, hateful, obscene or abusive nature.

Personal use of ICT resources is permitted provided it is not for commercial gain or in any way counter productive to the business of the school in providing educational opportunities for students. Check DET policy for more details.

Both DET and Lesmurdie SHS have monitoring systems in place which will record all activity on the network, including access to online Internet services, and will indicate if inappropriate activity has taken place.

Online Services (websites, email, chat, downloading)


  • Staff must supervise student use of the computer network and student access to online services.
  • Staff must restrict their usage of online services for personal reasons, and use discretion in the content involved.


  • Student use of online services must be for educational purposes as determined by the school’s curriculum.
  • Students must not use the network and online services to play games access social networking sites such as (but not limited to) Instagram,Snapchat, Messenger, twitter or Facebook, connect to chat lines or any messaging services.
  • Students are expected to adhere to the school’s Acceptable Use Policy which is readily available for viewing on the network.
  • Students must not use any means of bypassing security and filtering systems designed to prevent access to websites and any online services deemed to be inappropriate.
  • Students found to be using a proxy server to access unauthorised programs will be deemed to be in breach of the ICT Policy.

Use of the Network and Access to Online Services

The network must not be used for:

  • deliberately accessing, sending, broadcasting, printing or downloading of materials that are unacceptable, inappropriate or offensive including material that is pornographic, racist, sexist, inflammatory, hateful, obscene or abusive nature

Lesmurdie Senior High School

  • the transmission of messages of a party political nature, unsolicited advertising material, messages of personal commercial benefit, chain letters, personal broadcast messages, intentional harassment or materials intended to harm or discredit any individual or group.

Unintentional Access to Inappropriate Websites

  • Any accidental or unintentional access to inappropriate websites by staff or students must be reported immediately to the ICT Coordinator (staff and students) or the Principal (staff only).


  • Staff must not allow students to use or have access to admin workstations or any computer connected to the Admin network.
  • Staff must ensure that Admin passwords are secured and private to that staff member.
  • Staff must not allow or facilitate unauthorised access to the Admin network through the disclosure or sharing of passwords, personal logon information, user accounts or other information designed for security purposes
  • Only DET employed teachers and support staff will have access to the Admin network. Trainee teachers, temporary relief staff and any persons not employed by DET will have, if required, limited access to network services for the purposes of using MS Office application software, printing and connection to the Internet.
  • Students must use email attachments to send and receive files between home and the school network. CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and USB drives are not permitted.
  • There may be occasions when certain websites are blocked such as to maintain the good order of the school.

Computer Viruses

  • Staff and students must not initiate into the school’s computer network computer viruses or other malicious software or attempt to bypass the mandated virus protection software in use by DET.
  • Staff must comply promptly with instructions from the Customer Service Centre regarding treatment of viruses.

Use of Social Networking Sites

Students will

  • ensure that communication through internet and online communication services is related to learning.
  • ensure that internet and online communication services are used for solely for the purpose of genuine curriculum and educational activities. Use of unauthorised programs such as (but not limited to) Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat  and intentionally downloading unauthorised software, graphics or music that is not associated with learning, is not permitted.
  • Students found to be using a proxy server to access unauthorised programs will be deemed to be in breach of the ICT Policy.