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Student Support

Student Support


Lesmurdie Senior High School Student Support team works strategically to improve the social and emotional development of every individual. The team focus is to establish strong, effective relationships between students, staff and parents/carers to support academic achievement.

The school values a safe, supportive and caring learning environment for all students while fostering the schools core beliefs and values based on respect.

The core business of the Student Support team is:

  • Student health and wellbeing
  • Psychological support services
  • Learning Support
  • Subject /Course and Career advice
  • Liaison with parents/carers

Through providing these services we aim to maximize our students’ ability to deal with demands and pressures and to get the most from their schooling experience.  Student Support staff include Deputy Principals, Senior and Lower School Managers,  Senior and Lower School Coordinators, School Psychologist, Youth Worker, Community Health Nurses, Student Support Officers and Education Assistants.

Parents and students are welcome and encouraged to make contact with a member of the Student Support Team to discuss any of these matters. Please call 9291 1200 to speak to a member of our Student Support team.

Parent to School Communication

Most parent’s questions are easily and completely addressed by communicating directly with the educational professional most closely involved. To resolve any issue or concern, please first attempt to communicate with the staff member most closely related to the situation. This individual is most closely involved and will be best suited to first address your issue and will ensure the most timely resolution to a situation. Contact details are available on our school website.

Our school expects staff to respond to emails within 72 hours, however, all staff will try to respond within 24 hours. Most staff have a teaching load and are not always available. If email is not appropriate or the matter is a safety concern or risk, please call the school to make an appointment. It is not appropriate to communicate via Facebook.

If, after corresponding with the appropriate staff member you require further assistance, please contact the appropriate office (Head of Learning Area, Lower School Years 7 – 9 or Senior School Years 10 – 12) to make an appointment to discuss your issue or concern. Constructive communication is always the key to solving any problem.

When contacting Lesmurdie Senior High School please note the school is divided into two sub schools; Lower School – Years 7-9 and Senior School – Years 10-12. The Coordinator, Manager and Deputy Principal you contact depends on your child’s year group.

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Key Contacts


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