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Our Team

Our Team

The Student Support Team work collaboratively with teaching and non-teaching staff, families and the wider education community to provide a safe, supportive environment within which students can thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

As well as Deputy Principals, Senior and Lower School Managers, Senior and Lower School Coordinators, the team consists of:

Tamala Cox – School Psychologist

School Psychologists assist schools to meet the social, emotional, learning and behaviour needs of students. Working closely with the school administration, teachers, students and parents, our School Psychologist supports practical improvement strategies that are tailored for all students, particular groups of students or individual students.

  • Counsels students concerning personal/social issues
  • Intervenes in crisis situations
  • Assists in the management of students with specific learning needs
  • Assists in the management of student behaviour
  • Consults and liaises with parents on student personal, social and emotional issues
  • Consults and liaises with other health and welfare agencies
  • Promotes positive emotional wellbeing of students

Sharon Moran  – School Community Nurse

The School Community Nurse works collaboratively with other Student Support team members to support students physical and mental health and wellbeing. This role also includes the promotion of health and healthy lifestyle through delivery of in-class programs and out of class social and emotional programs.

  • Promotes positive health-related behaviour
  • Provides physical and emotional health support
  • Assists in crisis situations
  • Undertakes health screening/monitoring
  • Collaborates with parents and the local community
  • Acts as a resource person, and liaises with health agencies
  • Integrates health activities into the school curriculum

Jane Gray – Youth Worker 

The Youth Worker works closely with all members of the Student Support Team to ensure the best outcomes for students and parents, developing and delivering a variety of individual and group programs specific to the needs of our students.

  • Offers social, emotional and educational support to students at all levels of need
  • Engages with all students at lunch times and in extra-curricular activities
  • Establishes effective communication links between school and home
  • Provides support for grief, family breakdown and other crisis situations
  • Acts as an advocate for students and/or staff of the school community
  • Assists in special programs for students at educational risk

Trish Green – Vocational Education & Training (VET) Coordinator

Dee Bretnall – Vocational Education & Training (VET) Officer

Based in Senior School, The VET Coordinator and VET Officer work with our students in all aspects of VET endorsed programs, assisting students and caregivers with work-placement applications and provide relevant information sources regarding courses, apprenticeships and TAFE applications. Our VET staff also support students in their post-secondary transition to further education.

  • Coordinates university guest speaker program
  • Liaises with students and parents concerning future career options
  • Assists with student job searching and entrance into study courses
  • Liaises with local business and community groups
  • Coordinator of Workplace Learning Program
  • Coordination of student work experience
  • Oversee Certificate delivery and compliance

Matt Randall – Follow The Dream School Based Liaison

Our Follow the Dream Coordinator implements the Education Department’s Follow the Dream (FTD) program, a voluntary program for high achieving Aboriginal secondary school students. The program assists and supports students to continue to succeed at school, graduate and successfully transition into university, training or meaningful employment.

  • Monitors the progress of indigenous students in Senior School
  • Provides educational opportunities for indigenous students to improve their educational outcomes

Student Support Officers

Our Student Support Officers located in both Lower and Senior School are often the first point of contact for students wishing to see a member of staff.

  • First contact for late arrivals/early departures or handing in notes from parents
  • Provide and record uniform loans when students are out of uniform
  • Lower School Student Support Officers also follow up on absences with students and parents

Education Assistants

The role of the Education Assistants is to provide additional learning support within the class room setting or in small group settings. Our Education Assistants are located within Learning Areas providing skills in:

  • Modification of learning resources
  • Assist teaching staff to deliver academic program
  • Provide additional resources as needed
  • Literacy support
  • Assistance in catering for the special needs of the individual