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Year 8 Transition

Year 8 Transition

Welcome to Lesmurdie Senior High School….a truly great school! The information contained in this site will introduce you to just some of the organisation and outline the Year 7 to Year 8 Transition Program. We know and acknowledge that this is a time of anxiety for many, including parents. Our program aims to create a smooth movement from Primary School to High School, reduce any fears or anxiety and ensure that your child’s learning journey is strongly supported. We believe that a good education for our students is grounded in a good partnership with their parents. Please take advantage of this program and we look forward to working in partnership with you to provide a quality education and excellent school experience for your child.

Ethos of the School

A Caring School Environment

It is important for all students to achieve their very best when they are at school. In this way they will have more opportunities to choose the careers and the pathways which most interest them and to which they aspire. The major aim of this school is to create an environment in which the student learns to become a useful citizen by being responsible for his/her behaviour.
This school operates in the belief that it upholds and promotes personal, academic and social excellence, amongst both students and teachers and discourages those influences that would work against the attainment of these standards.

Student Services

The provision of Student Services is a most important area in all schools and Lesmurdie Senior High School aims to meet the diverse needs of its students in a positive way. The Student Services Team provides holistic support in the school community to assist students in achieving their academic and personal potential. Support is offered for academic performance, learning support, spiritual requirements, health and wellbeing, and psychological counselling on a personal and school level.

The Student Services Team is located in the Student Services Centre and comprises of:

  • School Nurse
  • School Psychologist
  • Chaplain
  • Senior School Coordinator
  • Lower School Manager
  • Learning Support Teachers
  • Education Assistants

By working as a Team, Student Services endeavours to meet the needs of the whole child so their experience at school is happy, healthy and conducive to learning.

School Uniform

A Uniform Policy is actively pursued and supported by the School Council. The Lesmurdie Senior High School uniforms are smart, attractive, distinctive and comfortable.
Students in our school uniform are readily identifiable in our community and we are proud of our dress code.
Completion of the Enrolment Form implies an acceptance of and adherence to the School Policy regarding uniform. Details about uniform requirements will be handed out with enrolment details.

The Year 8 Curriculum

Learning Areas

All Year 8 students at Lesmurdie Senior High School will have a full curriculum of study from each of the eight Learning Areas. Students will study in depth courses that develop on the good work the primary schools have achieved in areas relating to literacy and numeracy.

All students will study year long courses (divided into two semesters) in the eight Learning Areas:

  • Health & Physical Education
  • English
  • Society & Environment
  • Languages – ALL students in Years 8 to 10 study either Italian or Japanese at Lesmurdie Senior High School.
  • Science
  • Maths
  • Technology & Enterprise – Students will study one semester each of Design & Technology AND Home Economics
  • The Arts – Students will study TWO contexts from within The Arts Learning Area. Students are required to rank the following courses in order of preference from 1 to 4.
    • Dance
    • Drama
    • Music
    • Art

* Students studying through the School of Instrumental Music (SIM) will study Special Music in Semester 1. Special Music students wishing to continue studying through SIM must tick Special Music on their Selection Sheet. It will be considered as their first priority within The Arts.



   Year 8 Course Descriptions
   Lower School Course Progression Chart
   Special Science & Maths Programme (Brief Description)
   LEAP Special Science & Maths extension program


Assessment and Reporting

Student achievement will be assessed in each course of study. The assessments will be carried out continuously throughout the course and will be a measure of a student’s progress towards attaining the outcomes of the course.

Typical assessment methods are written and objective tests, assignments, models and projects, experiments, open-ended tasks and portfolios.

The school will provide regular reports on student achievement throughout the year. These will comprise;

  • An Interim Report towards the end of term one
  • A mid-year report
  • An end of year report

Bus information

For all bus times please call the following providers to the school TRANSPERTH ( )  13 62 13.

08 9257 9700
Students from Pickering Brook please ring to arrange pick up

08 9454 3869
04 1718 8434