Vision and Values

Lesmurdie Senior High School enjoys a reputation within the education community for its very experienced, enthusiastic and innovative staff and quality programs across the curriculum. This is reflected in the school continuing to build on its long history of exemplary performance in a wide range of curricular and extra-curricular activities.

We believe that only in our strong togetherness will we thrive. That this connectedness offers our best chance of success as students and staff in a learning community. Thriving at Lesmurdie means we can be our best authentic selves every day, working towards our personal goals and creating an environment where this can occur organically.

Our Vision

Thriving in a nurturing environment

  • Thriving – We thrive when we have a sense of accomplishment, belonging, wellbeing and joy. We challenge ourselves and support others on our journey to reach our full potential as learners, teachers, leaders and valuable members of the community. We aim to flourish and discover our talents to fulfill our purpose.
  • Nurturing – We build quality relationships between students, staff, parents and community, promoting stability, trust and a sense of belonging. Together we sustain and support each other. We all take responsibility for nurturing each other, developing our talents, and respecting difference. We champion our own successes.
  • Environment – We strive to create and embrace a positive, personal and physical environment both within our school and beyond. This includes our own wellness as well as our class spaces, our school grounds and our wider bush setting. We seek to protect, respect and enhance our unique environment through awareness, education and considered action.

Our Values

Our values of CARES support our vision and promotes excellence in all areas of the school.

  • Curiosity

          We ask questions, actively seek out the answers and have a strong desire to know and learn.

  • Aspiration

          We seek to accomplish something worthwhile and admirable: in pursuit of excellence.

  • Respect

          We will treat others with consideration, regard and respect another’s point of view, whilst being understanding, tolerant and inclusive.

  • Environment

           We explore issues, engage in problem solving, and take action to improve our personal and physical environment.

  • Successful Students, Staff and School

We are a learning community who strive to extend our accomplishments in realising our vision as we prepare our students to be resilient, creative, confident, collaborative in the face of new challenges and opportunities.

Annual Reports

Business Plans

Acknowledgement of Country

I respectfully acknowledge the past and present traditional custodians of this land on which we are meeting, the Beelu people. It is a privilege to be standing on Beelu country. I also acknowledge the contributions of Aboriginal Australians and non-Aboriginal Australians to the education of all children and people in this country we all live in and share together – Australia.